Monday, August 3, 2015



Once there had been a happy worm that had appeared out of a cereal box and found a old yuck apple across the road he tried to wriggle over but cars kept driving past so he thought of and idea. Suddenly he went back and bit and pulled some grass and went flying up then dropped down.

The worm saw a car heading towards him so he decided to ran in front of it and fell into a crack in the middle of the road it was like a maze but he jumped out and another car approached on the road again, so he quickly tried to get across the road but……

The worm had got stuck between the crack in the road but it was too late the car had driven over it so his tail had came off and his chopped off bounced out but suddenly another worm appeared out of his tail, there had soon been another car coming towards the worm but the worm just grew another tail so the car had drove over it and his tail came off again and the worms head to the apple and started munching on it while the poor worm wriggled and wriggled and appeared out so he tried to get to the apple but he had no tail so another worm grew out the other of him and the worm was panicking to get away but the other worm had got dragged to the apple.

THE END