Monday, August 14, 2017

Tuna Zentangle

We have finally finished our tuna zentangle art and are pretty proud of how they look. We did this for art as part of our tuna study last term but our manu taratahi took so long to make that we ran out of time to finish the zentangle.

First, we learnt what zentangle is. It is a type of doodling that was designed to help relax and calm the mind. We then drew a basic outline of a tuna on white paper. Next, we added our zentangle designs with pencil and when we were happy with them we went over them with black vivid. Finally, we cut out the tuna, glued it onto tin foil, cut that out and pasted it onto coloured paper. We hope you enjoy our work!


  1. Hi Room 5,

    This sounds like a really cool art project! I like that you combined two different mediums - the fish and the zentangle to create your finished project. Unfortunately, the pictures aren't showing up on our devices, so perhaps you could reupload these?

    Miss Stone and Room 8 Glenbrae

  2. Thank you Miss Stone, I have just noticed this so I will look at why they aren't working. Thank you :)

    1. These are fabulous pieces of art! I particularly like the face of the tuna at the top - it looks very ferocious!

  3. Hi there, it is me Krisha form Owairaka school . I really like Tuna Zentangle
    .Have you thought of posting a video of making it,If you would like to see my learning, please visit my blog

  4. Hi there, my name is Hadia and I am a student in room 21. I really like your post about Tuna Zentangle and they look pretty good . It made me think of when last year we made taniwhas exactly the same way it was really fun.If you would like to see my blog please visit

  5. hi my name is tobi cool snake and Eels

  6. Hi there,
    I love your post with art from your students, zey look amazing!
    You guys and gals have a very very good future in art!


  7. Hi My name is Frankie P and I like your zentangles they look fun to make.

  8. hi my name is isaiah i love your post with art from your students, zey look amazing!
    You guys and gals have a very very good future in art

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  10. hi room 5 my name is Ali and a am a student from Owairaka District School i like you snake is cool by Ali.