Monday, August 3, 2015

Rikhugh's Giraffe Story

high diving giraffes

Long, lanky necks enter the abandoned corridor.The giraffes entered Following in each others footsteps then one of the giraffes came up and licked the camera to check that no one was watching them. Each of the giraffes stand in a perfect position to make there way up to a 580 metre high diving board. With one giraffe hanging from the roof and a dozen more lining up at the edge of the doorway all the giraffes stand in the perfect stance to get ready for the jump of their lives. A giraffe stands steady then comes speeding towards the diving board then the giraffe suddenly feels a chill crawl through its spine. Neck to neck they touch as the giraffe leaps into the air  and starts spinning in sync into the water. He crawls his way to the edge, and one by one all of the giraffes jump down and line up in the exact same order. One more giraffe starts  hanging like a monkey from off the ceiling then suddenly the giraffes run to the end of the diving board and flip off, two at a time, with no hesitation. The giraffes hear a door open slightly. They realise that the pool was reopening for the day and quickly dash towards the exit.


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