Monday, August 3, 2015

Skye's Dangle Story


once there was a legendary hiker that strolls on the snow as it crunches under his feet. he comes to a stop as he sees an endless red ribbon that's just dangling in front of him. he was astonished that there was a red ribbon just dangling from the sky. he stops and thinks for a moment should i pull it or not.

so he yanks the ribbon and suddenly the lights go off. he was stunned that he found a ribbon that makes the world go black. he pulls it a couple more times thinking he had magical powers then it suddenly stopped working. his face drained.

he was worried that he made the world will be black forever. he performed an almighty pull then suddenly it fell down. guilt filled the hiker so he slyly turned and walked away hoping no one saw him pretending nothing happened.

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