Monday, July 27, 2015

Skye's diving giraffes

diving giraffes

the pool just closed as the giraffes walk silently up the corridor as they come to a stop. 580m away from the surface of the water. a giraffe is waiting steadily on a rope hanging from the ceiling fearless of the height. one of the giraffes run and leap from the diving board. the giraffe on the ceiling stretched his long neck and attached it to the giraffe who leaped. they swang and the giraffe performed a perfect double backflip dive.  one after the other doing perfect dives. when they get back up they see two of their friends hanging from the ceiling, then the giraffes split up into halves, one group up top and one down bottom. they run in sync. when they come to the end they leap from the platform and they did the same move and again they did a perfect dive. all of them had a go then they stood on the side of the pool and had a rest. they bent down and had a drink. they took a big scull and suddenly the door opened, then the giraffes ran out the door like nothing happened. and they lived happily ever after.

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