Monday, July 27, 2015

Simonie-lee`s diving giraffe story

Diving giraffes

Tall giraffes sneaking silently out of the changing rooms making there way to the corridor.Click clacking feet as they walk up the rail each in a straight line and then comes to a stop.One of them was hanging from the ceiling ready to catch their team mates to make a perfect dive.The first giraffe approaches, sprinting towards the diving board, he jumps and makes a perfect back flip with no splash.Each of them does there tricks one by one.Another giraffe comes down from the ceiling helping his team mates.Two of them both came sprinting to the end making there two perfect flips.  Everyone finishes their turn and all line up at the edge of the pool, taking a bow and having a drink of water.They all hear a noise and quickly run to the exit trying to stay out of sight.

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