Monday, July 27, 2015


Diving Giraffes

It was a normal evening and the pool was closed for the night as everybody left and there was no sound to be heard so some giraffes decide to break in.Strolling through the corridor of the pools one giraffe starts to glare into a security camera, checking just in case there cover was blown.The giraffes face to walk 580 feet above the


Their walk up the spiral stairs ends as a giraffe sprints to the diving board as one of his comrades support him to show off.The giraffe does a 360 spin in the air and perfectly lands on the water.The other giraffes start to show off as well.They were like ammunition being fired out of a machine gun.Another giraffe is lowered to increase the speed of the line.

After the last jump the giraffes line up to scull a refreshing drink of water.Footsteps echo through the pool corridors.The giraffes evade to the nearest exit to keep their identity concealed.

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