Monday, September 18, 2017

Jack and Josh Goodhue came to Visit

Today we were fortunate enough to have Jack and Josh Goodhue, two former students of Kawakawa Primary and now professional rugby players, come to visit us at school. They talked about the importance of trying hard in everything at school, even if you are not the best at it, of being resilient and learning from mistakes and to work hard to become what ever you want in life. Such inspiring words from very humble men. Thank you for taking the time to come back.


  1. Hi my name is Omar and I love visitors that go in my school.

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  3. Hi there, my name is Hadia and I am a student in room 21. I really like your post About when Josh and goodhue came to your school It made me think of when a police officer came to our school and he used to teach us .If you would like to see my blog please visit