Sunday, April 2, 2017

Here is the finished artwork from the Fly Our Wishes workshop last week. We had great fun creating outfits for our people. They were supposed to represent us in the future but some of us got a bit sidetracked in our designs and created cool outfits in a variety of styles. Thank you heaps to Bridgette and Jim for taking the time to come and work with us.
If you are in Kerikeri over the next week or so, go to the Turner Center and check out our work as well as many others.


  1. hi guys my name is Yousif and I am from Owairaka School I like your creations and experiment

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  3. Hi its Mia from kkps (from the school that you guys go to).
    Anyways, i really like the people that room 5 made. i think to make the people better you should make them wear their uniform and also i really like he video to go see my copy and past this